Poland - the new cyclists' paradise

Poland is the perfect destination for a leisure cycling holiday. Our country lies in the heart of Europe and offers multiple souvenirs from its thousand-year history. We have mountains, lake districts, picturesque river valleys and wild forests. The Polish farmland in the former Eastern Bloc was luckily protected from collectivization. The unique, ancient layout of narrow fields and orchards has been preserved. Cycling across a mosaic like this one is bound to provide many incredible experiences, constantly changing colors and smells.

Poland is a modern country which has seen a true cycling revolution in the recent years. Separated cycle roads in cities, and beyond them - tarmac-paved roads with hardly any car traffic. Eastern Poland is crossed by a long cycle route Green Velo.  MaƂopolska (the region around Krakow) is unique in this respect. A number of investments were carried out here, with a series of roads and bridges (especially for cyclists) built along the rivers Vistula and Dunajec in a spectacular scenery. Our standards are not far from German, Austrian or even Dutch

Krakow, the headquarters of our company, is one of the most popular tourist hotspots in Europe today. You can easily catch a plane to Krakow from every corner of the world. English is spoken in hotels, restaurants and shops. Poland is also a relatively cheap country.

Benefit from the 30-year experience of the Bird Service tourist office. We offer a set of cycle trips in different regions of Poland and a few neighboring countries. All are easy, on flat ground or over gentle hills. Suitable both for the elderly as well as families with children.

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