Cycle maps

Wandering on the bike in an individual style requires a good map of bike trails. Specially for the clients of our most popular trips in Poland, we print our own - detailed and convenient bike maps. They are modelled on the popular releases from the “bikeline” series. The maps are scaled in 1:75000 format. They contain additional detailed plans of the city. Routes are marked with clear colored lines. We see them at first glance, they differ in surface, traffic, meaning (main route, variants, ascend, etc.). The content is clear, without unnecessary details. You can easily find your way around in an unknown land.
If you want to see the map before arrival and before deciding to book a trip - we will be more than happy to send it to you via post.
We currently have the following maps: 

Dunajec cycle path - route of our most popular trip. We currently offer the 3rd edition printed in June 2019. It covers a greater area (from Zakopane to Krynica and Nowy Sącz) and a series of newly built bicycle paths and bridges.

Comfortable cycle roads in the valleys of Vistula and Nida - March 2019 edition. A large map covering tour routes The Vistula comfort and Vistula and Nida - comfort & wellness. These routes are not quite popular yet, but we are sure that once you unfold this map and see the far-running route through embankments, the safe drive through the center of Cracow and wonderful distribution of hotels, you will surely want to choose these tours as well. 


To receive it, also if you need more copies, for friends, bicycle clubs etc. - please send e-mail request at Opens window for sending